Big Sister Bracelets

I’ve been dying to post about this but didn’t since we didn’t make our baby’s gender public prior to her birth. It’s a long and complicated story.. husband didn’t want to know, I did.. which made for a bit of a dilemma until we decided I would take a peak into the envelop provided by my midwives and keep it a secret unless he decided he’d like to find out. It was hard but I became accustomed to referring to baby as ‘baby’.

What was strange, however, was that I’d sneakily buy some things for the baby at which point I’d be at the cash register with my big pregnant belly and the sales clerk would say “So! You’re having a GIRL!?” In which case there was no point in hiding it.

One such situation was at a local bead store where I picked up beads to make customized bracelets for my big sister and little sister. I’m so please with how these turned out that I decided to also make bracelets with their names on them. They loved them! Especially big sister ;).



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