DIY – Personalized Towels

This little project was inspired by my two little girls and their colds!  It kept occurring to me that I didn’t want them sharing towels or anyone else using towels they were using for that matter! So it came to me that I should peronalize towels with their first initial in attempt to keep germs at bay. (Don’t get me wrong, I wash them frequently!)

Fitting that I just learned how to applique in my quilting class recently and picked up sets of adorable holiday fabric.

Materials: Hand towels (Scored some nice ones at my local dollar store for $2 each. Note to self: when you see a deal like that grab a bunch! They’ve since sold out in the white.), holiday fabric, fluffy fabric trim of hat, steam a seam and the obvious: tread and a sewing machine.

I looked up font styles on my favourite free font site dafont and was inspired by a cute font with santa hats on top. It was the perfect thing to cute-sy up my boring ‘go to’ block font.

I didn’t take photos along the way but it’s fairly straight-forward. …apart from when I burned the fluffy fabric when I tried pressing it using the steam a seam. I discovered the hard way it doesn’t iron well so on my second try I pressed quickly and lightly then hand stitched Santa’s fur trim on.

I’m really proud of how they turned out! I think I may love appliqué .



Lina Pugsley is a graduate of the Creativity and Change Leadership Program and a candidate for a Masters of Science in Creativity degree from SUNY Buffalo State. For the past 8 years, Lina has been researching and exploring ways to nurture creative skills and attitudes in children to promote creative confidence and resilience. She is passionate about supporting parents on ways to cultivate children's creativity starting in the early years.

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