Create Your Year – Vision Board for 2012

by Lina on January 29, 2012

I went to a Vision Board Workshop the other night called “Create Your Year.”  I am *still* pumped by the experience. It is so wonderful to carve out a couple of hours to focus on your life and what you want to see happen in it. I highly recommend creating a vision board.  I plan to do this annually if not more frequently.

This is the description of the event I attended:

We will be engaging our creativity at this meetup along with our intuition to bring our individual goals and dreams into reality. The act of creating or ‘manifesting’ is not just wishful thinking, or dreaming, it requires action. Tonight we will be combining ‘dreaming’ with ‘doing’ in powerful exercises to help solidify your dreams and goals for 2012.

The session started with a 24 minute meditation. Truthfully had you asked me to meditate ten years ago (pre-kids) I would have been thinking about all the other things I could be doing wondering when this ‘waste of time’ would end. But at this stage in my life… it was heavenly. I’ve discovered that I LOVE meditating and it was also the perfect way to clear our minds to make space for our visions.

We were given the choice to make either a ‘Vision Board’ or a ‘Manifestation box’.  Those who had done this in the past were asked to create fresh new vision boards or boxes specific to the NEW you and the NEW life that you want to create for yourself in 2012. With that, we were asked to bring a cork board or bristol board or some kind of board in whatever size we’d like. If a Manifestation box was preferred then an empty shoe box or small lidded box would do. In addition, we were to bring photos, pictures and anything that we could use to help express our visions. Not to mention the obvious: markers, scissors, glue, tacks, and whatever other craft supplies we might need.

I found this board that I had purchased about five years ago but never used. I figure it was a sign! I had been saving it for this very occasion – and didn’t even know it! I’ve just always really liked it and kept it around. I went through magazines and clipped words, pulled together recent photographs and raided my craft cupboards.

Before starting, there was some discussion around whether to create a board or a box. How to decide?  Well, it was discussed that visual people might prefer a board because they can pass by it on a daily basis, let the images resonate with them and think about the visions they’ve posted. Knowing that I’m definitely a visual person I knew that a box full of my visions would be forgotten about – defeating the purpose of creating one in the first place.

That said, it was interesting to hear from people that prefer the Manifestation box and the reasons made complete sense. Two such reasons were discussed.  1) Some of your visions may be private and/or not suited for display where others can see them. In this case keeping them stored safely in a private little box would be appropriate.  2) If you’re impatient or want to see immediate results you might get discouraged by looking at a vision board that is taking some to time to come to fruition. Most people worked on vision boards but there were a few boxes in the group.

Creating my board was completely AWESOME. I’m not sure if it was the meditation or if it was simply taking the time to focus and sort through my goals for the year but I loved every minute of the creative process of clipping and arranging and letting my interests guide what would go on my board.

Asking “What speaks to me?” was a question that the facilitators suggested posing to yourself and letting yourself respond to that flow of energy. They also told stories of being drawn to certain things and to let that happen as it is the universe telling you something. Okay, a little hokey but I LOVE it! For example, one facilitator told a story of how she seems to be drawn to journals and beautiful notebooks and blankets.  She keeps buying these journals but they remain empty on shelves in her home. She’s certain that the universe is trying to tell her to take some time to sit and journal!

At the end of the session, the group was asked to share how they manifest their visions and creative ways to create vision boards. Some very insightful and inspiring comments and suggestions were expressed.  I’ll share some of the ideas and thoughts here.

  • Create a vision board, then once visions are achieved remove those items from the board and place into a ‘Gratitude Box’ to celebrate the achievements and make room on your board for new visions.
  • Rather than creating a physical board, spend some time visualizing your goals using a mental ‘chalkboard’. Picture a blank chalkboard in your mind and draw your visions on it.. think “Well you know my name is Simon and the things I draw come true…
  • Create a photo album of your future. Literally clip photos from magazine and place in a regular album. (A woman in the class who shared this idea had made a future photo album years ago and recently found it. She was living in the house she had clipped and living with a man who looked like the magazine image she had put in her album (Gilligan from Gilligan’s island)!
  • “Our inner voice is the most important thing you connect to. Listen to it.”
  • One woman’s journal approach: Fill up  a journal. When you are done with it, say a prayer, release it by burning it! Start a new journal.
  • “It’s simple: have faith it will happen. You need to do the work.”
  • “If you have a FREE gift from the universe (writing, music, art etc.), you need to USE IT!”
  • Repeat affirmation statements but instead of saying “I want..” or “I am..” try saying “I have always been… full of abundance or filled with joy”.
  • How to approach manifesting things you want: Focus, Faith, Gratitude, Fearlessness.. and it will come.
  • Use Pinterest for your vision board.
  • Use iPad albums for vision boards and do away with the paper and boards.
  • Think about more than just what you want so that you have 3 areas of focus: “Things I want”, “Things I got”, “Things I give”. (I really like the idea of giving back.. as you receive positive things in your life!)

The best part of this experience so far was seeing what other people came up with. I could feel the inspiration and positive vibes in the room. Will be fun to see what happens next!



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