One of a Kind Show & Sale

I went to the One of a Kind Show & Sale in Toronto today! So incredible to see so many talented artists and their beautiful and unique creations all under one roof!

I have such a huge appreciation for handmade and creative creations but I did a good job refraining from buying one of everything! There is one thing that I’m still thinking about though.. which means I might either need to go back or pick one up next year. It’s a Tamboa. A beautiful percussion instruments “that can help anyone discover or broaden his musical talents.”

Saw some old favourites too:

Yasmine Louis Textile Printing – really cool silkscreen printed clothing and pillows.

Eric Seguin – the best gift for a fisherman in your life!

Les Jouets de Bois – wonderful puppets and games for kids. The bean bag game has been a serious hit at our house (for all ages) in the last year!

Diablo Puppets – very fun puppets!

I absolutely loved talking to people about their process, their work, their inspiration… I’m inspired!



Lina Pugsley is a graduate of the Creativity and Change Leadership Program and a candidate for a Masters of Science in Creativity degree from SUNY Buffalo State. For the past 8 years, Lina has been researching and exploring ways to nurture creative skills and attitudes in children to promote creative confidence and resilience. She is passionate about supporting parents on ways to cultivate children's creativity starting in the early years.

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