Happy New Year!

by Lina on January 15, 2013

The best thing about the New Year is that feeling of renewal and new beginnings! Usually by about now I’ve forgotten what my resolutions are, but not this year!  This year I didn’t come up with any resolutions. Instead I’m continuing on the path started last year by creating a vision board and I’m taking it a step further: I’m focusing on ONE word for the year.

The Word of the Year or WoTY is an idea that seems to have really taken off in the blog world in the last couple of years. The idea is this: you select one word that you want to focus your intention on, attract and inspire for the year ahead.  Christine Kane, explains the word of the year and goes the distance providing a Word of the Year Discovery Tool to help you select the best word for you. It’s brilliant.

Settling on just ONE word was not an easy task for me. A lot of words came to mind. Like many, I want to focus on my HEALTH and FITNESS. I want to SIMPLIFY and ORGANIZE my life. I want CLARITY as far as where to direct all my creative energy. I want to CREATE.  I considered TRUST and COURAGE… to tackle my issues with perfectionism. Then I came up with a very short but powerful word that carries a double meaning that is very relevant for me right now as I confront my perfectionistic ways.

My Word of the Year for 2013…


As in…


I’m really excited about the energy and action that this little word inspires. I’m ready to let go of high expectations and I’m ready to go for it in every way – especially with regard to my art and creativity! I’m also excited to see what other intentions come out of this word as the year progresses.

Feeling good about establishing my intention for the year. It took a while but at least it’s still January!

Have you thought about about your word for 2013? I’d love to hear it!

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