My Book of Ideas!

My Book of Ideas

My ‘Book of Ideas’!

With all of the submissions of the Book of Ideas coming through I felt inspired to make a book of my own!

I decided to let this book evolve organically and just start writing whatever came to mind – what I’m working through at the moment – and that happens to be researching creativity and working through my website development content!

My Book of Ideas - Mindmap

When I’m starring at a blank page I tend to freeze up a bit. So, I decided to just START!

My Book of Ideas - example


I invite you to join the project! All it takes is some paper or a notebook, writing materials and time to ask yourself:

“What inspires me?”

We hope you’ll also encourage the little people in your life to keep a Book of Ideas!
For more information and to see the celebration of idea books shared so far, visit our ‘Book of Ideas’ Project page!


Lina Pugsley is a graduate of the Creativity and Change Leadership Program and a candidate for a Masters of Science in Creativity degree from SUNY Buffalo State. For the past 8 years, Lina has been researching and exploring ways to nurture creative skills and attitudes in children to promote creative confidence and resilience. She is passionate about supporting parents on ways to cultivate children's creativity starting in the early years.

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