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Let's celebrate children's creativity. Share your story with us by sending a photo of your creative moments!


Let’s work together

Interested in working with Keeping Creativity Alive? I welcome the opportunity to speak to you about ideas you have to cultivate creativity in your community or home. Opportunities might include:

• Consulting on creative thinking workshops for children’s groups.
• Consulting for teachers and administrators on how to bring creativity into the classroom.
• Looking for a speaker to lead an event or workshop?
• Sharing your new product or service with our online audience.
• Working together to promote creativity in children and the adults who raise and teach them!

Possible Workshop topics

• Creativity and Creative Problem Solving for Parents
• Creative Problem Solving Process and Tools for Kids
• Building Creative Thinkers
• Creativity in the Classroom
• Discovering Your Personal Creativity

Examples of recent workshops

Promoting Creativity in the Classroom, University of Toronto, OISE
Creativity – Cultivating Meaning Through Creating, Early Years Parent-Child Centre
What are all the things you would put *in* your bucket (list)? New Thinking Workshop for Kids, Elementary School

I’d be happy to hear from you. Contact me using the form above or send me an email.

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