Welcome to ‘The Book of Ideas’ Project!

This project is an invitation to children (and adults alike!) to participate in keeping an ‘Idea System’ to track their explorations, curiosities, their thinking, their projects… the possibilities are endless!

Why: To give kids an outlet for their ideas. Keeping an idea book also establishes a meaningful creative practice for kids. To celebrate children’s thinking! TO capture their sense of accomplishment, pride, satisfaction and the sparkle in their eye when they are doing what they are truly motivated to do!

Who: Kids of any age, 0-99!

What: Make/Find an idea book and fill it in with ideas or anything that interests them! (Story ideas, inventions, song lyrics, outline for a play, artwork, thoughts… anything they are thinking about for want to capture.)

How: Keeping reading… 🙂

Step 1

For a young child, show him or her the images below of children holding their ‘Book of Ideas’. Explain that this project was inspired by a little boy who decided he would create ‘a big book of ideas’: “As I come up with new ideas, I am going to write about them and add them to my book!”

Ask your child if they would like to create a book too.

If yes, then proceed… 😉

Step 2

Give each child who would like to participate either paper to create the book from scratch or a notebook with writing, drawing, art making supplies and encourage them to create any type of book they would dlike. Involve them in the book making process – allowing them to be in full control of making the book (fold in half, staple one side…) or selecting the book.

Encourage the child to name the book whatever they would like: ‘IDEA BOOK’, ‘Book of Ideas’ or whatever they would like – it will be theirs to keep.

Step 3

Use the book. When you present the project to them, set a positive tone where it is all about fun and all about them – what they love and/or are interested in. (It shouldn’t feel like homework.) You can share these guidelines to establish this intention:

A. Use this book to write and/or draw your ideas!

Ideas can be: an outline for a play, a story idea, an invention, a cool science experiment, a question you would like to explore, a project you want to work on… or whatever YOU want.

B. No idea is too crazy.
C. Have fun!

We love seeing what comes out of this experience!

Share you ‘Book of Ideas’ photo with us on our Contact page. What did they use their book for? How did they enjoy the experience? Send along direct quotes and/or little stories capturing what happened!

My hope is that children use this book to capture their interests, curiosities and passions. And that they can set up the habit of keeping an idea system where they record their thoughts and burning questions or new ideas. Be inspired!

Feedback from parents:

“Lauren made a book of ideas and loved it. She started with a painting of a sunset, then did a poem about her friends and then drew a picture of a silly monster.”

“Girls were excited about their new books! M is keen to write a story and publish it. E wants to do some drawings and maybe write a song to play on the piano!”

We’d like to spread this project to as many kids as possible. Please share your ‘Book of Ideas’ outcomes on social media using the hashtag #bookofideasproject and share this project with other parents your hunk would like to participate!

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