Happy Valentine’s Day

Creative Parenting

This Daily Groove is just what I needed to read on this Monday morning. Have to share this one…

Creativity involves exploring the unknown. So if you
want to *parent* creatively, you need to accept that
you often won’t have the comfort of knowing, in
advance, *how* it’s all going to work out.

In other words, creative parenting is what you might
call a “faith journey.” You’re constantly facing the
unknown and surrendering to it. When you surrender to
the unknown, you open a channel to inspiration and new

Today, if at some point your child’s desire seems
incompatible with yours, tell yourself that there must
be a way that both of you can feel satisfied, even
though you don’t yet know what that is.

“I don’t need to know how… I trust that a way will
be revealed.”

Remember that the most creative solutions often defy

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