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Day Dreaming and Free Play

I’m taking some time this weekend reflecting on how we’ll spend our ‘free’ time in the upcoming weeks and months over winter.  I like the idea of getting V involved in activities like swimming and gymnastics to get her moving but I’m torn because I like the free play that she engages with on her […]

DIY – Personalized Towels

This little project was inspired by my two little girls and their colds!  It kept occurring to me that I didn’t want them sharing towels or anyone else using towels they were using for that matter! So it came to me that I should peronalize towels with their first initial in attempt to keep germs […]

Early Childhood Development – Dr. Fraser Mustard

“The first six years of life set the stage for lifelong learning, behaviour, health and well-being.” Dr. J Fraser Mustard Dr. Fraser Mustard, renowned for his work in early human development passed away November 16th, 2011.  I hadn’t heard of him until seeing articles celebrating his life for his unwaivering championing of the importance of […]

Hallowe’en Jack-o’-lantern Inspiration!

Hallowe’en was a blast! I want to share a bit of inspiration that came over me yesterday as we were carving and decorating our pumpkin at the eleventh hour! While Violet was at school yesterday afternoon I went out and picked up a pumpkin. (Note to self: next year get a pumpkin early so that […]

Imagination vs. Reality

I drafted this post several months ago when Violet was just about three and a half. I still chuckle over this story… Violet’s 3 year old imagination has been exploding lately. It’s fascinating to see her come up with all of these ideas.. only I’m realizing that with that comes a responsibility as the parent […]

Peter Catalonotto

Just a follow up to my last post… Love this statement Peter Catalonotto makes in his bio: I believe a good book doesn’t explain everything. It’s a springboard, an open door and it gives readers some space to make their own choices and connections. To laugh. To cry. To be affected. He certainly opens the […]

Book Review 005: Emily’s Art

Evaluating art is a dicey topic – particularly in relation to how teachers evaluate and assess the visual arts in elementary school classrooms and how that affects our children. Peter Catalanotto’s book Emily’s Art covers this subject appropriately by illustrating a story of a young inspired artist encounter a less than inspiring art contest experience. […]

A New Start

Last year I was inspired and inspired to document my little girl’s first day of school… On our way out the door this morning I made sure to capture the moment this year as well. My oh my, how quickly they grow!