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One of a Kind Show & Sale

I went to the One of a Kind Show & Sale in Toronto today! So incredible to see so many talented artists and their beautiful and unique creations all under one roof! I have such a huge appreciation for handmade and creative creations but I did a good job refraining from buying one of everything! […]

Maybe Tomorrow

Much like The Little Boy Story, this totally breaks my heart: Maybe Tomorrow by Lindy T. Redmond “Me do it,” said the 2 year old, “Mom, me will do it now,” “Oh no, my dear,” she replied, “I must show you how!” “Let me try it,” he called at 3 “Let me make my bed,” […]

I am an ARTIST… video

“… I totally believe that we’re all creative.”  So do I! A beautifully inspiring video of artist Danielle Daniel working in her studio. This video perfectly captures the pure joy of creating. “Teacher, seeker, storyteller, word lover, truth speller, painter and tree hugger. As in one who hugs trees. Learning to take myself less seriously, […]

Reading Aloud

We all know how important it is to read to our children. If you don’t then you need to read Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever by Mem Fox. I just came across a wonderful interview in which Mem Fox discusses the importance of reading aloud to children and adults […]

Douglas Thomas on a New Culture of Learning

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivVCGgSrP6U I seem to be attracting information on the topic of creativity, innovation and education lately. I turned the TV on today and randomly found Douglas Thomas, Associate Professor at the University of Southern California and author of A New Culture of Learning, speaking of the future of learning and technology. More specifically, Thomas was […]

A Space to Create

When you hear about creativity, you hear a lot about creating the right environment to set the stage for getting into the creative zone. It’s often a place that’s not too cluttered but not too sparse. A place with some toys or inspiration and most definitely some tools to aid in the creation process.  If […]

Letterpress Love

In my last post I divulged my weakness for pretty much any art form and all art materials. When I discovered letterpress printing, I fell in love with yet another means to a creative end. What is letterpress?  The short story is it’s relief printing using movable type or a custom made plate by locking […]

Creative Obsessions

I know I’m not the only creatively obsessed person out there, but lately I’ve been wondering if I should seek out a support group to work through how to manage all of my creative compulsions.  You see, I could probably open an arts and crafts store based on the diversity and abundance of art supplies […]