Creative Obsessions

I know I’m not the only creatively obsessed person out there, but lately I’ve been wondering if I should seek out a support group to work through how to manage all of my creative compulsions.  You see, I could probably open an arts and crafts store based on the diversity and abundance of art supplies that I have available… in my home. 

I have the usual arts and crafts supplies: glue guns, glue, glitter, tape, pom poms, ribbon etc. Then there is my sewing machine and the small boutique store’s worth of fabrics that goes along with that, not to mention magazines, accessories and patterns. Then there’s my scrapbooking ‘supply’ – again another small store’s worth of stuff. My paint and art supplies including canvases that have collected a bit of dust unfortunately. The embroidery thread and looms, yarns and knitting needles. Lino carving tools, clay and sculpting tools… And my most recent creative endeavor.. my Craftsmen table top letterpress.

Craftsman Letterpress

My beloved press deserves a post of it’s own.. (coming soon), but let’s get back to managing all of the creative stuff!

I’ve come up with a 10 step plan to get a handle on things here in my store, er, I mean home. Here it is:

  1. Admit I have a problem.
  2. Designate craft spaces in my home – art studio space, basement cabinet, etc.
  3. Sort like with like.. all ribbons in one drawer or case or basket, you get the idea..
  4. Organize according to type of art project. For example, all kids arts and crafts supplies are kept in the play space area, all sewing related items go in art studio…
  5. Create a list of creative project ideas. Pick ONE project and start it.. then finish it!
  6. Take step 3 a bit further and commit to at least one project a week.
  7. Stop buying more supplies.
  8. Set my intentions to use a supply that hasn’t been touched in a while and if it doesn’t happen donate it to a local school.
  9. Celebrate the creations by posting them here.
  10. Edit which creations will be kept, gifted or discarded to avoid that whole other problem.. storing art creations!
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