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Book: Theories of Development

I’m just about to crack open this book, called Theories of Development Concepts and Applications by William Crain,  and am very excited to do so even though I already have way too many books on the go! But, I’m intrigued.. upon flipping through the book, I  caught a glimpse of the following passage which happens […]

Eye Spy…

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of the stuff in your junk drawer? How about scrap toys or that bin of little odds and ends or toys that don’t really belong anywhere? This collage found at the Alaska State Museum turns the mundane everyday little objects into a really interesting collection of […]

Art In The Park ~ Art Group Take 1

I’m very excited! I’ve organized an art group that is meeting for the first time tomorrow morning!! We’re gathering at our local Lakeside Park – the perfect inspiration for our little artists.  Looking forward to tracking our experiences here! I must give credit to Jean at The Artful Parent for sharing her art group experiences […]

Let’s get creative shall we?

This blog has been in the making in my mind for the last 2 years.  I have an overwhelming desire to explore creativity. What inspires creativity?  How can we nurture and inspire creativity in our children?  Creativity both in the arts sense as well as in the critical thinking sense. Nurturing creativity is an area […]