My Book of Ideas!

My Book of Ideas

My ‘Book of Ideas’!

With all of the submissions of the Book of Ideas coming through I felt inspired to make a book of my own!

I decided to let this book evolve organically and just start writing whatever came to mind – what I’m working through at the moment – and that happens to be researching creativity and working through my website development content!

My Book of Ideas - Mindmap

When I’m starring at a blank page I tend to freeze up a bit. So, I decided to just START!

My Book of Ideas - example


I invite you to join the project! All it takes is some paper or a notebook, writing materials and time to ask yourself:

“What inspires me?”

We hope you’ll also encourage the little people in your life to keep a Book of Ideas!
For more information and to see the celebration of idea books shared so far, visit our ‘Book of Ideas’ Project page!
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